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SHIMA Laboratories Co., Ltd. is a company of manufacturing and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents for human and animals , research reagents and commissioned developments.
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Latex agglutination (Qualitative)

Latex agglutination in vitro diagnostic reagents (Qualitative analysis)

These reagents are manual test by using latex agglutination method for rapid and precise diagnosis on the point of care.

Applications Items Explanations
Inflammatory marker CRP This kit detects C-reactive protein(CRP) in blood. It is possible
to use serum, plasma and whole blood as sample.
We have the product lineup for emergency test and for
screening test of new-born infant blood and cord blood.
Diabetes marker Albumin in urea This kit detects albumin in urea. It is useful index
for diabetic nephropathy.
Fetal placental function marker Estrogen This kit detects estriol in urea of pregnant woman. It is useful
for management of unborn baby including a placenta,
especially in late pregnancy period.