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SHIMA Laboratories Co., Ltd. is a company of manufacturing and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents for human and animals , research reagents and commissioned developments.
SHIMA Laboratories Co., Ltd.
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SHIMA laboratories was established in 1982 as a research, development and manufacturing company of immunological in vitro diagnostic reagents.
Thanks to the continuous and generous support of all our many loyal customers, we have been able to achieve a gradual and steady growth throughout the years of our existence.
In addition to in vitro diagnostics we are also venturing into new and challenging area such as animal diagnostics and lymphocyte culture medium etc. for research purposes.
Our products which we manufacture through research and development are distributed through our associate companies to various clinical centers or medical institutions thereby contributing in general to maintenance of health of the society.

And now with the advent of the aging society in Japan the importance of “Preventive medicine” has become all the more necessary,the part of in vitro diagnostics for checking is required.
We will apply all our accumulated technological skills gained through our long experience and strive to achieve high quality products, executed with speed and precision , together with due efforts of quality improvement,consideration to the environment, thereby creating trust and reliability. We shall work persistently with untiring effort towards satisfying the need of the society as a whole.

President & CEO
Masakatsu Hashimoto Ph.D.

Philosophy of management

Through research, development and sales activities, we will improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and, contribute for human health and better life by providing rapid, high precision and convenient immunological reagents.

November 10th, 2003

Quality policy

SHIMA Laboratories is keeping up with the fast changing social environments of laws, guidelines and other requirements and humbly receive our customer’s voices to continuously meet their respective requirements with improvement, and provide with high quality products having confidence and satisfaction.

November 10th, 2003

Quality management system for in vitro diagnostic for human

Design and manufacture of IVD for immunological and bulk component for IVD